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Working With Third Parties to Create New Digital Customer Journeys

Life Insurance

We recently had the pleasure of working with a leading Life Insurance company that had partnered with a large retail bank to provide dual-branded life insurance products. The bank wanted to take advantage of the Insurer's recent digital transformation by adopting their online journey and launching a digital life insurance proposition for their own customer base.

We were tasked with leading the requirements gathering process, working in a scrum team alongside developers and testers in a three amigos set up. Following a short initiation phase we began working with the bank to understand their initial requirements.

We facilitated workshops and meetings to agree the requirements for all aspects of the delivery. These included - 

  • Dual Branded Screen Design

  • Regulatory Wording

  • Document Design

  • Management Information

  • Platform Functionality and Integration with Third Party Systems

As with all retail banks in the UK, they are very hot on branding and they had specific instructions on how the journey should look, even down to the specific colour shades we had to use. These were simple requirements to gather and convert into user stories for the Insurer's UX team to implement. 

The new journey was built on a platform provided by a third party software supplier which meant the customer journey and underlying functionality requirements needed more work and discussion. We had to balance the wants of the bank with the standard platform functionality. Approximately 80% of the journey we built was adopted by the bank. The other 20% needed additional was designed through discussion and finding a consensus between all three parties.


We set up twice-weekly meetings with the bank to discuss requirements and overcome blockages. We also ensured they attended the fortnightly show and tell sessions run by the scrum team to take them on the design and delivery journey.

The new journey launched in January 2017 and gave the bank a digital presence in the life insurance market. ​