Capturing system change requirements built around a user’s needs

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IT systems should be built to support the right customer journey, rather than a customer journey being dictated by a system.


While working with a Legal Services company, we were asked to help them implement a new module for their case management tool that would allow users to accurately track their activity on cases and produce budgets and bills automatically.


Their case management tool was provided by an outsourced software company who had a standard module for time recording and bill generation. The brief we were given by the Executive team was to adopt as much of the standard offering as possible, and only bespoke the solution where it was absolutely necessary. This would keep development costs low and allow us to take advantage of any standard upgrades the Outsourcer made in the future.


With this brief in mind, our approach to capturing the functional requirements was threefold.

1.  Set expectations among all stakeholders that the way they work would change, but for the better.  The new solution would automate a number of processes and as such would generate a great deal of benefit from a small investment in adopting the changes.​

2.  Carry out a series of process walkthroughs to allow the users to see and experience the standard offering, ask questions and propose changes that could enhance the journey without moving too far away from the standard build.

3.  Capture the proposed changes and act as a liaison between the users and the software provider to create a set of requirements over and above the standard build.

The approach for stage 3 was an iterative one. We started with a list of additional features the users would like and spent a number of hours challenging them to make sure they added value. A few dropped off the list and we were left with an agreed set of functional requirements that created additional benefit to the overall user journey without impacting the standard build or original business case.


These requirements have formed the basis of the software company’s initial solution design and has enabled us to move on to the build phase of the project.

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